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Win at Black Gold Slot, Using Gambling Tips and Tricks!

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The storyline of Black Gold is dedicated to the process of oil production carried out in the territory of the Wild West. Once you run the slot, you’ll hear horse neighing and funny, fast music. The reels greatly resemble the wall of a wooden barrack; the main background is a panoramic picture of oil towers.

The main character of the slot is a gray-haired cowboy in a brown broad-brimmed hat. He knows all the details of oil production, and your goal is to hook out at least some useful information from him. Apply your knowledge of oil production to practice and make a fortune in no time!

Slot Technical Characteristics

  • 5 reels and 30 pay lines.
  • The highest bet is 150 credits.
  • Three images of the barn trigger free spins.
  • 5 images of the mustachioed cowboy give 400 coins.
  • The herd of 5 horses will increase the bet by 200 times.

5 blue metal barrels will reward you with 100 coins.